Holiday Sequins

A trend I have been loving recently is the look of sequined clothing. I feel like sequins make the biggest appearance during the holidays and it’s no surprise considering how amazing they look on every holiday party dress. It’s my goal to purchase a bodycon sequined dress for this year’s holiday events. I just love the glam look and the classy feel.

A classic v-neck sequin dress like the one above is just timeless. It can work for any holiday event and I love how it easy it is to dress it up or down with jewelry or leather jackets. That’s what I love about the sequin look, it’s easy to make them seem casual. I really loved how the sequin mini skirt above was styled with a subtle distressed tee tucked in. I absolutely love pairing different patterns and textures like that! Finally, for that in-between semi-formal yet playful look, a sequin romper is a must-have. The fact that only half of it has sequins makes it more of a unique touch to the romper. The cute flare of the romper will make anyone think it’s a dress and most importantly, it looks like you spent a lot of time putting together an outfit when it’s really just a one piece romper! In general I’m just really loving all the holiday sequin clothing these days and I can’t wait to add a few pieces to my own wardrobe for the upcoming Christmas parties.


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