Delicate Lace

One of my favorite things to do when dressing up is layering. Normally I stick with layering outerwear but recently I have noticed more people layering delicate bralettes. Unfortunately I do not own a bralette yet but I seriously adore the look of the delicate lace under a shirt. There are so many different styles of bralettes and I think it’s a really nice piece to own!

I definitely want to invest in some basics first, like a black or white lace bralette. However, I recently saw a few pictures of some deeper plum and maroon lace bralettes and I absolutely fell in love with them! I think they are the perfect colors especially for winter, and can complement most winter outfits.

Free People has some gorgeous bralettes but like most of their items, it’s rather pricey. For those that are seeking a more affordable alternative, Aerie has some great choices! I know I’ll be purchasing a few soon!

Do you own any lace bralettes? How do you like them? I’d love some opinions and recommendations!

Images from Free People


10 thoughts on “Delicate Lace

    1. Haha that is true! I feel like they’re more useful for when you’re lounging around the house and you want to feel comfortable 🙂 I hope you have a great rest of 2014 as well!


  1. I work at Free People so I pretty much live in our lace bras, I really cannot wear any other bra now! Check out Urban Outfitters, they have bras that look just like the free people ones but for half the price.


    1. That’s so cool that you work there, I’ve always wanted to work at Free People! How much support do the lace bras give? And I’ll definitely check out Urban, thanks! 🙂


  2. i have 3 racerback bralette and one halter bralette (all free people) and they are the only bras that i ever wear! they are definitely a fabulous investment. I’m sure you’ll like whatever brand you choose, but if you invest in any at all, make sure you invest in a good one. i personally know a free people stylist who told me the main Victoria’s Secret bra designer was hired for the free people intimates line. Victorias secret has always been successful so that is a good sign that anything that is included in the free people intimates line will be too. a lot of cheap lace ends up being scratchy and uncomfortable, but i wear one of my bras everyday and i have washed them many times and they are still as fabulous as ever :). Free People has a “silver” racerback halter bra that i highly recommend. i love mine and it matches everything!


    1. That was such a useful comment, thank you so much! Now I am very convinced to invest in some Free People bralettes, they sound amazing! I’m impressed by how yours have held up as well if you wear them daily and wash them often, their bralettes sound incredible! Thank you again for your input! 🙂


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