Queen of Basics

In my opinion, Brandy Melville is the Queen of basic, loose, soft tops. Whenever I browse through their website, I just find a wide variety of the most effortless-looking loose tops. If any of you have visited a Brandy Melville store before, you’ll understand what I mean as well! Their clothes seem super simple, yet I like the basic look of it. They also have the SOFTEST fabric ever. Like seriously, this material is SOFT. I own a couple Brandy Melville pieces and I absolutely love the lightweight and extremely comfortable material. I absolutely love comfortable and simple pieces so having a few Brandy basics is great for me.

I know there tends to be a lot of controversy over Brandy Melville items. The whole “one size” issue and the fact that their quality is not necessarily the best seems to be the main concerns. In addition, their items are on the pricier end for just a simple basic tee. I can definitely understand why people have such concerns over this store, as I personally believe that Brandy Melville is very overhyped. Especially living in California, it’s a very popular store that everyone seems to be obsessed with. With that being said, a few Brandy Melville pieces are worth getting because I feel like some of their basic tees just have a beautiful loose fit on the body and while I can easily get a basic tee from Forever 21 for a fraction of the price, it doesn’t have the same look to it.

In the end, I do enjoy my Brandy Melville clothing and I feel like they will always have some of my favorite basics. The quality is questionable but when picking some closet staples, I do find myself gravitating towards some of my basic shirts from Brandy.

Do you own any Brandy items? What are your thoughts?


14 thoughts on “Queen of Basics

  1. Living in California, Brandy Melville is really hyped and not to have a bigoted input to it, but everytime I shop inside the store, I am pretty much the only Asian standing among with Caucasian teenagers and young adults. Perhaps it may be only the store I go to? Other than that, Brandy Melville is significant for their own feel of style, which makes them unique. 🙂 I own several items from BM and not disappointed with my decision!


    1. Same here, I’m Asian and from California as well and I can definitely see what you mean! I think that actually applies to most Brandy stores which is quite an interesting observation. And I definitely agree, they have a very unique style! Thanks for your input! 🙂


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