Valentine’s Day Lookbook – Casual Chic

This is the second part to my Valentine’s Day Lookbook, and a reminder that not every Valentine’s Day needs to be super fancy and elegant. In fact, sometimes the most casual and comfortable outfits are the best. So, here is some inspiration for some simpler yet still put together outfits!

Detailed Tank

I love layering simple chiffon tanks because they are so easy to work with! If you want to go for a more put together look, try finding a tank with some more detailing! It will easily transform any simple tank to a more unique piece. I particularly love back detailing on tanks because the patterns and designs are endless. Another thing you can consider is sequins or studs! It’s such a simple touch but they really do transform any plain tank. In fact, you can find a lot of DIYs online so if you’re feeling creative, you can always transform an old shirt!


Rompers are great because they can be dressed up or down. You can easily make rompers elegant for a fancier event, or wear it for a simple girl’s night out! If you want to go for a more casual boho look, try finding a romper with long sleeves. This will not only provide a little more warmth for the cold night, but it will also create a more laid back feel. If you want to change up a plain romper, try adding a belt in the middle! Belts complement almost all rompers and it creates a more casual vibe as well.

Peplum Blouse

If you want a more girly outfit for Valentine’s Day, try finding a nice peplum blouse! Peplums look great as they really accentuate curves and they’re a great flirty touch! If you want a more put together outfit, try finding peplum blouses in dark, rich shades. You can pair these with some nice heels or flats. If you want a more casual and girlier outfit, find a peplum blouse with lace in pastel shades!

I hope my Valentine’s Day Lookbook series gave you some inspiration! Which outfit was your favorite?

Images from Forever 21


Valentine’s Day Lookbook – Date Night

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up this month, I wanted to share some Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration. This will be a two part series, the first one will be a Date Night Lookbook for all of you with dinner dates or fancier Valentine’s Day plans. I want to capture a lot of different styles in these lookbooks so hopefully you will find inspiration in one of these outfits! 🙂

Naturally, I drift towards the reds and pinks for outfits on Valentine’s Day. While it may seem a little too cliche, it’s always a safe option and there are always super cute dresses in these shades available around Valentine’s Day! It’s also easy to dress up or down dresses in shades of red with different outerwear or shoes, so it is very easy to work with! Here are 3 different dress options for your Valentine’s Day date night:

The Maxi

A deep, red maxi dress is bound to be a stunner on Valentine’s Day. Maxi dresses are great because they’re such a simple piece but they make such a big statement. They are also very easy to accessorize, simply because they do not need a lot of accessories! Pair some delicate gold jewelry, a simple clutch, and maybe a black leather jacket to complete the look! To create an even bigger statement, try to find a v-neck maxi dress. Plus, maxi dresses are typically shift style and not bodycon, so no worries about stuffing yourself at dinner! 😉

The Bodycon

A delicate pink bodycon dress is a classic and safe choice for Valentine’s Day. Bodycon dresses are great because you can go with either delicate accessories or you can make a statement! Either pair delicate gold jewelry or go for a statement necklace; either way, both are great choices! You can also switch up the bags for this night, and change your handbag for a nice clutch. If you choose to go with statement accessories, you can tone down the look with some nude heels; if you want to go for more simple and classic accessories, you can make a statement with some more bold heels! Bodycon dresses are so great to work with, so get creative this Valentine’s Day!

The Crop Top + Midi Skirt

The crop top and skirt combo always makes a great outfit! However, if you want a classier and more formal outfit, try switching out your skater skirts with a midi skirt! A great Valentine’s Day combo would be a dark crop top with a light pink or red midi skirt. I love how the crop top and skirt combo can create both a girly look and a more edgier look. So, go with whatever you’re more comfortable with, it’s super easy to create multiple looks with these two pieces! Also, midi skirts tend to make legs look shorter but don’t worry, bring out your best heels for this day! Complete the look with a classic crossbody bag and you’re ready for a night out!

I hope these three outfit ideas gave you some inspiration for a formal Valentine’s Day event! If this is not your type of Valentine’s Day, do not worry! My second part to the Valentine’s Day Lookbook series features more casual styles!

Which outfit was your favorite?

Images from Forever 21


Retro Redux

I absolutely love following Forever 21’s lookbooks on their website because I always get so much fashion inspiration from them! One of their more recent lookbooks was this Retro Redux lookbook and I completely fell in LOVE with the outfits featured. In fact, I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you all here!

If I had to sum up my favorite style, it would 100% be everything featured in this lookbook. Granted, I do not wear outfits like this on a daily basis and I’ve actually never worn some of the styles featured here, I feel like this lookbook truly captures my dream style. I absolutely love the mix of different bohemian pieces and textures along with the stylish basics. The details in these outfits are amazing and I love the layering in each outfit. This is by far one of my favorite lookbooks by Forever 21 and I am looking forward to transitioning to more outfits like these!

What sums up your style?

Image from Forever 21


Spring Forward

It may be a little early but before you know it, spring will finally arrive! Although it’s still cold in other places, Californians are spoiled by the blue skies and pleasant weather. Still, I would love to share some fashion tips for transitioning into the spring season!

Statement necklaces -> Dainty jewelry

Remember those chunky silver necklaces you layered with your basic sweaters or holiday outfits? Well, they can still be useful during the spring season! Now, instead of a more elegant approach with the statement necklaces, use them to dress down an outfit by pairing it with a light babydoll or shift dress to go for a more bohemian style! Or, if you were never a fan of statement necklaces, spring season is all about the more delicate, dainty jewelry! Go simple with a basic rhinestone or chain necklace, or layer several small pieces together for a more casual look. Changing up your jewelry is a great way to transition to the next season!

Chunky oversized sweaters -> Cardigans

I know I definitely stocked up on oversized sweaters this holiday season! However the changing seasons, especially in California, make it too warm for chunky sweaters. Instead, switch it up with a lighter cardigan and play with layering! Cardigans are so versatile and it’s so easy to dress them up or down with different accessories and bottoms.

Dark colors -> Light colors

One of the more obvious changes would be outfit color schemes. During the holidays, darker colors like burgundy and navy pop up everywhere. As you transition towards spring, it’s time to take out some of your lighter pieces! Opt for more white for a crisp, fresh look or try some pastels! A gorgeous pastel sweater with some skinny jeans and flats make the perfect spring outfit. Throw a jacket you picked up over the holidays over the outfit and you’re ready to look fresh and combat the cold!

Boots, platforms, heels -> Sneakers

During the cold weather, I know many of you probably stuck close to your boots and platforms. Then, during the holiday party season, all the glamorous heels came out! With the spring season, try to change up your shoe collection by adding in some classic sneakers. Some Vans, Converse, or even Nike shoes are a great change for a more casual and light spring season!

Images from Urban Outfitters


Queen of Basics

In my opinion, Brandy Melville is the Queen of basic, loose, soft tops. Whenever I browse through their website, I just find a wide variety of the most effortless-looking loose tops. If any of you have visited a Brandy Melville store before, you’ll understand what I mean as well! Their clothes seem super simple, yet I like the basic look of it. They also have the SOFTEST fabric ever. Like seriously, this material is SOFT. I own a couple Brandy Melville pieces and I absolutely love the lightweight and extremely comfortable material. I absolutely love comfortable and simple pieces so having a few Brandy basics is great for me.

I know there tends to be a lot of controversy over Brandy Melville items. The whole “one size” issue and the fact that their quality is not necessarily the best seems to be the main concerns. In addition, their items are on the pricier end for just a simple basic tee. I can definitely understand why people have such concerns over this store, as I personally believe that Brandy Melville is very overhyped. Especially living in California, it’s a very popular store that everyone seems to be obsessed with. With that being said, a few Brandy Melville pieces are worth getting because I feel like some of their basic tees just have a beautiful loose fit on the body and while I can easily get a basic tee from Forever 21 for a fraction of the price, it doesn’t have the same look to it.

In the end, I do enjoy my Brandy Melville clothing and I feel like they will always have some of my favorite basics. The quality is questionable but when picking some closet staples, I do find myself gravitating towards some of my basic shirts from Brandy.

Do you own any Brandy items? What are your thoughts?


Delicate Lace

One of my favorite things to do when dressing up is layering. Normally I stick with layering outerwear but recently I have noticed more people layering delicate bralettes. Unfortunately I do not own a bralette yet but I seriously adore the look of the delicate lace under a shirt. There are so many different styles of bralettes and I think it’s a really nice piece to own!

I definitely want to invest in some basics first, like a black or white lace bralette. However, I recently saw a few pictures of some deeper plum and maroon lace bralettes and I absolutely fell in love with them! I think they are the perfect colors especially for winter, and can complement most winter outfits.

Free People has some gorgeous bralettes but like most of their items, it’s rather pricey. For those that are seeking a more affordable alternative, Aerie has some great choices! I know I’ll be purchasing a few soon!

Do you own any lace bralettes? How do you like them? I’d love some opinions and recommendations!

Images from Free People


The Boyfriend Look

If you haven’t realized already I absolutely love super soft, relaxed, and casual clothing. I’m all about oversized sweaters, unbelievably soft fabrics, and cute joggers/sweats. So, it’s no surprise that a trend that I have been loving lately is the boyfriend clothing trend! I find almost all boyfriend clothing pieces to be super soft and comfy and it gives the perfect amount of bagginess yet still looks feminine enough.

The main thing on my wishlist for boyfriend clothing is a loose button down! I love how it hangs on the body with the subtle unbuttoned look. The one pictured above is from Free People so unfortunately it’s out of my price range but I will definitely be on the hunt for some more affordable ones!

I own one pair of boyfriend jeans from American Eagle which is a little big on the waist for me but a simple belt fixes it perfectly! I am still on the search for another pair that is slightly more distressed with a better fit though because I absolutely love the look of boyfriend jeans! I find that the material for boyfriend jeans is incredibly soft on the inside (plus American Eagle jeans are just great quality in my opinion) and it just feels so comfortable! I love rolling up the jeans and pairing it with some ankle boots. I also love how you can dress it up a bit with some simple heels! Boyfriend jeans are just a great addition to every closet.

What do you think about boyfriend clothing? Yay or nay?