Valentine’s Day Lookbook – Date Night

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up this month, I wanted to share some Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration. This will be a two part series, the first one will be a Date Night Lookbook for all of you with dinner dates or fancier Valentine’s Day plans. I want to capture a lot of different styles in these lookbooks so hopefully you will find inspiration in one of these outfits! 🙂

Naturally, I drift towards the reds and pinks for outfits on Valentine’s Day. While it may seem a little too cliche, it’s always a safe option and there are always super cute dresses in these shades available around Valentine’s Day! It’s also easy to dress up or down dresses in shades of red with different outerwear or shoes, so it is very easy to work with! Here are 3 different dress options for your Valentine’s Day date night:

The Maxi

A deep, red maxi dress is bound to be a stunner on Valentine’s Day. Maxi dresses are great because they’re such a simple piece but they make such a big statement. They are also very easy to accessorize, simply because they do not need a lot of accessories! Pair some delicate gold jewelry, a simple clutch, and maybe a black leather jacket to complete the look! To create an even bigger statement, try to find a v-neck maxi dress. Plus, maxi dresses are typically shift style and not bodycon, so no worries about stuffing yourself at dinner! 😉

The Bodycon

A delicate pink bodycon dress is a classic and safe choice for Valentine’s Day. Bodycon dresses are great because you can go with either delicate accessories or you can make a statement! Either pair delicate gold jewelry or go for a statement necklace; either way, both are great choices! You can also switch up the bags for this night, and change your handbag for a nice clutch. If you choose to go with statement accessories, you can tone down the look with some nude heels; if you want to go for more simple and classic accessories, you can make a statement with some more bold heels! Bodycon dresses are so great to work with, so get creative this Valentine’s Day!

The Crop Top + Midi Skirt

The crop top and skirt combo always makes a great outfit! However, if you want a classier and more formal outfit, try switching out your skater skirts with a midi skirt! A great Valentine’s Day combo would be a dark crop top with a light pink or red midi skirt. I love how the crop top and skirt combo can create both a girly look and a more edgier look. So, go with whatever you’re more comfortable with, it’s super easy to create multiple looks with these two pieces! Also, midi skirts tend to make legs look shorter but don’t worry, bring out your best heels for this day! Complete the look with a classic crossbody bag and you’re ready for a night out!

I hope these three outfit ideas gave you some inspiration for a formal Valentine’s Day event! If this is not your type of Valentine’s Day, do not worry! My second part to the Valentine’s Day Lookbook series features more casual styles!

Which outfit was your favorite?

Images from Forever 21


Retro Redux

I absolutely love following Forever 21’s lookbooks on their website because I always get so much fashion inspiration from them! One of their more recent lookbooks was this Retro Redux lookbook and I completely fell in LOVE with the outfits featured. In fact, I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you all here!

If I had to sum up my favorite style, it would 100% be everything featured in this lookbook. Granted, I do not wear outfits like this on a daily basis and I’ve actually never worn some of the styles featured here, I feel like this lookbook truly captures my dream style. I absolutely love the mix of different bohemian pieces and textures along with the stylish basics. The details in these outfits are amazing and I love the layering in each outfit. This is by far one of my favorite lookbooks by Forever 21 and I am looking forward to transitioning to more outfits like these!

What sums up your style?

Image from Forever 21


Queen of Basics

In my opinion, Brandy Melville is the Queen of basic, loose, soft tops. Whenever I browse through their website, I just find a wide variety of the most effortless-looking loose tops. If any of you have visited a Brandy Melville store before, you’ll understand what I mean as well! Their clothes seem super simple, yet I like the basic look of it. They also have the SOFTEST fabric ever. Like seriously, this material is SOFT. I own a couple Brandy Melville pieces and I absolutely love the lightweight and extremely comfortable material. I absolutely love comfortable and simple pieces so having a few Brandy basics is great for me.

I know there tends to be a lot of controversy over Brandy Melville items. The whole “one size” issue and the fact that their quality is not necessarily the best seems to be the main concerns. In addition, their items are on the pricier end for just a simple basic tee. I can definitely understand why people have such concerns over this store, as I personally believe that Brandy Melville is very overhyped. Especially living in California, it’s a very popular store that everyone seems to be obsessed with. With that being said, a few Brandy Melville pieces are worth getting because I feel like some of their basic tees just have a beautiful loose fit on the body and while I can easily get a basic tee from Forever 21 for a fraction of the price, it doesn’t have the same look to it.

In the end, I do enjoy my Brandy Melville clothing and I feel like they will always have some of my favorite basics. The quality is questionable but when picking some closet staples, I do find myself gravitating towards some of my basic shirts from Brandy.

Do you own any Brandy items? What are your thoughts?


California Winter

Since I live in California, I have never really experienced a true winter. Thus, I don’t really own a wardrobe of true winter clothing. Instead, I like to layer a lot during the wintertime or go totally basic with a sweater and leggings.

My favorite thing to wear during the wintertime is oversized, chunky clothing. I have been loving the look of an oversized cable knit sweater with thigh highs and ankle boots. Especially in California, we can get away with just an oversized sweater + shorts underneath and still manage to survive in the weather. I also find that oversized clothing tends to be extremely comfortable and super cozy, and I am all about the relaxed loungewear feel!

As I mentioned earlier, layers are everything for me. I especially love chunky cardigans with more delicate pieces underneath. I find that this helps to balance out the look. The look above with the loose cardigan and sheer blouse is one of my personal favorites. The touch of delicate yet layered jewelry seriously completes the look.

What do you like to wear in the winter?