Review: Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Recently, I have been using the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara in the travel mini size. In general, I have some mixed feelings about this product. It was definitely something that I grew to like more over time but did not have the best first impression of. So, I thought that I would share a review here!

First Impression

The wand is HUGE. This is by far the biggest wand I have EVER seen for a mascara. Thus, it makes it difficult to apply mascara because I tend to always get it on my upper lid and I find myself always having to clean it up afterwards. However, I noticed that after a couple sweeps of this mascara, I got some great length and so I did not entirely reject this mascara after the first use.


This mascara does a great job at lengthening and separating. It’s easy to build up layers and doesn’t look TOO clumpy after multiple layers. I feel like in general this is probably the best lengthening mascara I’ve used. It’s also a very black color. If you find a lot of drugstore mascaras to barely show up on your lashes, this one will definitely make your lashes pop! It’s pretty easy to take this mascara off so no worries about taking too long for mascara removal.


Like I said earlier, the wand is massive so it gets messy easily when applying mascara unless you just have great control and have the time to make your mascara perfect. For me, I have to do mascara in a rush so it’s not always convenient. I also don’t find that it provides the most volume, although some people think it provides great volume. I guess it’s just something that I didn’t see with this mascara! This also does smudge slightly on the lower lash line over time so you may need to do check ups throughout the day. Finally, this is NOT a waterproof mascara, so it does run. However, this isn’t a waterproof formula so I can’t really complain about that.


I did like testing out the mascara with this travel size. I’ve never used any Smashbox products before so I was quite excited about this. I didn’t have the best first impression of it but I came to like the dark color, lengthening, and separating properties over time and I got used to the massive wand. If you’re very picky about your mascara and have little time to do your mascara then I do not recommend purchasing this. However, if you’re open to trying new products and really like doing the mascara part of your routine, I’d say give this travel size one a shot. A lot of people swear by this product so maybe you’ll like it as well! I personally do not think I’ll be repurchasing this unless I can’t find another mascara that provides the lengthening properties that this mascara gives.

What is your favorite mascara?