Review: Origins A Perfect World

First off, apologies for the lack of blog posts lately! I have been extremely busy with schoolwork but I have some new posts that I am excited to share you all! Recently I have been trying a lot of new products so I thought that I should share a few review blog posts!

For this post, I’d like to focus on the Origins A Perfect World moisturizer. Lately, it has been quite cold and my skin has gotten extremely dry. I normally have more combination/oily skin and as a result, I have been using oil-free lotion that worked beautifully. However, with the colder weather, the oil-free lotion was only drying my skin even more and I really needed a product that would provide moisture again and combat the cold weather. After using this moisturizer for a few weeks, I can definitely say that this stuff is AMAZING. It is definitely on the pricier side but if you have skin that just needs some refreshing and some moisture, I highly recommend this moisturizer.

Since my oil-free lotion absorbed extremely quickly into my skin and was much thinner and lightweight, I was not used to using a moisturizer that was so rich and creamy. This stuff is definitely thicker but it goes on beautifully and does not feel overly greasy or heavy on the skin. My skin instantly felt smoother after applying this and felt better almost immediately. Since it’s quite rich, you can lather this on extremely well and I could literally feel the softness and the intense moisture for hours after applying it in the morning. Seriously, I felt like I didn’t even need to reapply at night because my skin felt like I had just applied it.

On top of all that, I don’t know if this moisturizer is even supposed to do these things, but I found that a lot of my blemishes on my face seemed to fade away. I don’t wear foundation or bb/cc cream on a daily basis but I noticed that my skin tone began to even out more and that some of my acne scars on my forehead began to fade.

So if you’re seeking a new high-end moisturizer, I highly recommend this! It’s definitely worth the splurge if you want to really make your skin healthy and refreshed again. What skin products have you been loving lately?